Replica’s ^^

So as I promised I would give the sites that I know who sell replica’s of designer clothes! I have never bought from the first site so I’m not sure how trusted they are but here we go! ^^

I stumbled upon this Korean site called Luire and if you just browse around you will find things that look very similar to some of infinite’s clothing! Like this jacket is a replica of the System Homme bomber that Woohyun recently wore! Replica - Woohyun’s. Here’s a link for replica’s of Rick Owen’s shoes that Woohyun has also worn before, click! JSYK on this site they don’t write the full names like “Thom Browne” they use acronyms like “TB”. Also I’m not sure if they ship oversees but it doesn’t hurt to check! My Korean is not that great so I can’t really help you, sorry.

Another site that has replica’s is Taobao although it’s very complicated to browse because it’s in Chinese but you can search for items in English! Just search for brands like “Givenchy” or “Boy London” and you will find things! Also you also need to use a shopping agent in order to buy from them. I have used this site before but it’s very difficult to explain so here’s a link on what to do if you’re overseas and want to order!

I knew a few more but I couldn’t find them again, but if I stumble upon them again I’ll just add them here! 

Also on a side note if you have requests please do send them in! Just follow the format below if you can!


yeah sunggyu's outfits are usually a hit or miss for me haha whats your favorite outfit of his? or any of the members actually haha :D

Yeah he’s usually a hit or miss but when he misses… he really misses haha. Um I have so many favorite outfits of his so I’ll list my top 3! I love when looks very casual and effortless so it’s nothing fancy but it appeals to me! 1 2 3

For the other members I have many outfits I like for them, especially Woohyun. He’s in my top when it comes to style since he’s very versatile and doesn’t really stick to one style! haha but of course he has some pretty bad misses that leaves me baffled. This is my top look for him!

 Patrick Ewing 33 HI sneakers- $201
Image Credit: Climax
So infinite can afford that much clothes?

Yeah of course! They’re pretty successful now so I’m sure they have enough money to shell out on expensive clothes! Also some of these items were given by fansites for birthday and Christmas gifts! Usually the sponsored clothes is stuff they wear on broadcasts ^^

The price of sunggyu's clothes were over the top! He sure spends a lot of money on what he wears.

Yeah he really does and it’s really simple clothing too lol but I like his style a lot, maybe I’m really biased haha

Hi, I was wondering if you can help me find woohyuns hat in the pic sunggyu posted on hoyas bday? I know the brand and I've found many similar ones but not exactly. Thanks!

Everywhere I searched it was sold out unfortunately ;; but here’s an old buy link ;;


 Blvd Supply trees snapback- $34 (sold out)
Image Credit: Sunggyu's Twitter
Hi:) I want to know your reaction for this. My sister said that not all what idols wear casually are theirs. In other words, some of those shirts and accesories are just borrowed from major clothing brands. What's your opinion?

Yes this is true! They are sponsored by a lot of clothing brands so they usually return it after filming. Sometimes though, they just end up keeping the clothes ^^ 

 Codes Combine Basic Plus cardigan- $51

 Rick Owens cargo pants- $450
☆ Balmain- $1125 (sold out)
Image Credit: Cherry Blossom
 Jimmy Choo union jack sunglasses- $285
 Alexander Wang wallie pebbled leather backpack- $1095
Image Credit: Ifnt7univ
 Manic skull leather snapback- $42
 Boy London jacket- $220
 Marcelo Burlon snake print shopper- $381
Image Credit: The Show Must Go On
i'm not sure if anyone's asked this before, but do you know of any other kpop fashion blogs? particularly orange caramel/after school but a list of any kpop fashion blogs you know would be helpful!

Hi! This question has been answered before here! Also my friend Missbraidybunch a lot of YG fashion so check that out as well ^^

 Karl Lagerfeld sunglasses- $271
 Bratson live fast die young cap- $40
 Joyrich giza shield tee- $160
Image Credit: Angelic
 Krisvanassche white crocodile skin print shirt- $540
Image Credit: Honey Tree