A+ Motion Bike swansea 26a - $246
Image Credit: ANM bike
I just wanted to let you know that Sunggyu revealed that his actual height is 176cm on Mnet 4 Things! :)

ah yes I’ll change it now, thank you ^^

the request page isn't accepting new comments, did you know?

yes I’ve closed them right now because I’m behind on searching for those products ;;

 Marcelo Burlon alas print tee - $236
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 Tokio Plus Alpha graphic art cotton jacket - $85
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if we donate to support for vampire, what kind of posters would we be getting?

Kyuloveme hasn’t posted previews of those yet but they will be A4 sized! They’re a size of a clear file. I recently received my goods from Happy Kyuzizi Day and the posters are beautiful so I definitely recommend donating just for the posters!

 Kenzo red tiger iphone 5 case - $25
Image Credit: give my kyu
Thank you OnLyGyu

Mr. Kyu support for “Vampire” with Kyuloveme

Everyone knows our leader Sung Kyu is the main actor performing in the musical “Vampire”, which will be held in August in Japan. KYULOVEME is going to establish this donation in order to celebrate the success of the musical in advance, and enable the handsome vampire Kyu feel the support from his fans during the performance period. If you have participated in this activity, you will received a special gift to thank for your funds. Hope you can join it.


Original notice -> Kyuloveme

Donation Gifts:

Click for fan sample!

Donation Info:

Send Donation:

There will be 3 payments that will be paid

Time of shipment:
Delivery of goods is estimated to start in October.

if you have any questions please feel free to contact me here!

thank you for running this blog, i love it so much ;u;

Thank you for loving it so much, it makes me want to run it forever ^^

myungsoo seems to be using an iphone 5s: i imgur com/C8of0gc jpg (not entirely sure what phone it is, but definitely not a samsung or g2)

Thank you so much for this!

I just updated all their phones, thank you to everyone who helped! ^^

i read your post about INFINITE's mobile phone. but some people said that L now is using Iphone 5S not Samsung Galaxy S4. i don't know whether it's right or not. can you make it more clearly?

actually that hasn’t been updated in a while, and I really don’t know what phones they currently have right now, sorry! 

If anyone knows please let me know ^^

 Marc by Marc Jacobs love tee  - $98
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Sorry to say this but didn't you take the Sungyeol Cy Choi find from somewhere else? :(

no. I got it from here. Where else would I take it from? 

SUNGYEOL Cy Choi text shirt SS14 
Image Credit: 조이뉴스24
 Neil Barrett bow tie print shirt - $344
Image Credit: Daum