Hi:) I want to know your reaction for this. My sister said that not all what idols wear casually are theirs. In other words, some of those shirts and accesories are just borrowed from major clothing brands. What's your opinion?

Yes this is true! They are sponsored by a lot of clothing brands so they usually return it after filming. Sometimes though, they just end up keeping the clothes ^^ 

 Codes Combine Basic Plus cardigan- $51

 Rick Owens cargo pants- $450
☆ Balmain- $1125 (sold out)
Image Credit: Cherry Blossom
 Jimmy Choo union jack sunglasses- $285
 Alexander Wang wallie pebbled leather backpack- $1095
Image Credit: Ifnt7univ
 Manic skull leather snapback- $42
 Boy London jacket- $220
 Marcelo Burlon snake print shopper- $381
Image Credit: The Show Must Go On
i'm not sure if anyone's asked this before, but do you know of any other kpop fashion blogs? particularly orange caramel/after school but a list of any kpop fashion blogs you know would be helpful!

Hi! This question has been answered before here! Also my friend Missbraidybunch a lot of YG fashion so check that out as well ^^

 Karl Lagerfeld sunglasses- $271
 Bratson live fast die young cap- $40
 Joyrich giza shield tee- $160
Image Credit: Angelic
 Krisvanassche white crocodile skin print shirt- $540
Image Credit: Honey Tree

Sorry! ;;

I haven’t been updating much but it’s because I’ve been preparing for the kbs concert thing ;~; I promise when I get back next week I will post a bunch of stuff I’ve been meaning to post! Also that site with a bunch of items similar to Infinite’s clothing! ^^

 Sbenu leopard slip on sneakers- $33
Image Credit: Sinbal Farm

Kbs LA Festival?

Just wondering is anyone going and what seats do you have? ^^ I’ll be there but I ended up getting really crappy seats so I’m wondering if anyone managed to get pit? 

On a side note I am taking requests so, it may take me a while to find them, but I will find them eventually :). Just send me a message with the date they wore it on and a photo of the item! :)

Hello~ can you also post the links for the same style of their clothes? the cheaper ones, like something you can find on ebay? thanks :)

hmm maybe this weekend I will a post some stuff that are cheaper but similar to their outfits ^^ I actually accidentally found a site that sells knock off clothing that infinite wears quite often :)

 Codes Combine paint knit - $101

 Feltics disney mickey mouse crewneck- $58

 Saint Laurent printed backpack- $821
Image Credit: Honey Tree